The Rosboro "Timber Team"

At Rosboro, we love and respect the lands that produce our timber, so forest management is something we take very seriously. To that end, we have assembled a team of skilled resource managers equipped to handle the entire forest management cycle from harvest to tree planting. 

Our knowledgeable "Timber Team" is led by Gene Stevens, Senior Vice President of Land & Timber, who alone boasts over 40 years of experience in the timber business. Together, with his elite crew, they have decades of experience in timber cruising, timber harvesting, reforestation and forest management.

The Keep Oregon Green Ranger Program

The new Keep Oregon Green Ranger Program was developed specifically to teach children ages 8-12 about the values of Oregon's forests, the types of human-caused fires that threaten them, and the things that kids can do to help prevent those fires. The activities are fun and informative, and we hope that parents will be involved as their kids become a KOG Ranger.

Visit the KOG Ranger program website for information.

Rosboro Forestlands

Utilizing Natural Resources

ReforestionOverseeing one of the Pacific Northwest's largest networks of privately owned tree farms, Rosboro diligently abides by the land-management principles of long-term sustainability. Our guiding policy of responsible forestry addresses both environmental stewardship and timber production - and its benefits are paramount: the sustainability of our timberlands to provide forest resources for future generations.

We achieve this balance through a carefully administered program of forest management, in which we deploy both time-honored practices and the most advanced technology. From geographical information system and mapping/analysis software to prompt reforestation and wildlife habitat protection, Rosboro utilizes a variety of tactics to ensure that our forestlands remain robust and productive.

Rosboro supports and promotes the wise use of forest resources. We are active in five Forest Protection Districts and several trade organizations that strive to maintain a sustainable supply of forest resources in the manufacturing sector.

Our timberlands are concentrated in the highly productive forests of Western Oregon, strategically located near our operating facilities in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Rosboro also sources timber from the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Oregon State Department of Forestry, local counties, other timber companies, and private timberland owners both large and small. All harvest activity is conducted by professionally trained loggers certified by Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. to meet the required standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Rosboro is proud to participate in and promote Keep Oregon Green, an association dedicated to preventing human-caused wildfires and educating the public about the types of behaviors that cause destructive fires in our forestlands. We especially support KOG's efforts to teach children the value of preserving natural habitats and how to avoid activities that may cause wildfires, lessons that are conveyed in a series of KOG-produced videos for kids.

Keep Oregon Green Videos

Here are a few examples of Keep Oregon Green educational and fun videos. Please visit their site for more fire prevention tips and valuable information.