Rosboro Site Map - One of the country's leading integrated forest products companies, Rosboro supplies a wide range of trusted engineered wood products, plywood, and dimension lumber to the homebuilding and commercial-construction markets.

About Rosboro - Still operating our own manufacturing facilities, the Rosboro team offers reliable studs, glulam products, dimensional lumber, and panel products that make our customers' jobs easier - from order through delivery.

Rosboro History - The Rosboro story begins in 1890, when Thomas "Whit" Whitaker Rosborough started running his own sawmill. A coincidence of names occurred sixteen years later, when Whit Rosborough formed the Caddo River Lumber Company in Rosboro, Arkansas.

Rosboro Sales Team - With decades of experience in their respective fields, the members of our sales team are dedicated to making it easy for our clients to do business with Rosboro. That means the best forest products in the industry, the most diligent customer service and technical support, and distribution networks that keep builders building.

Rosboro Jobs & Benefits - Proud to be one of the largest employers in Lane County, Rosboro maintains a long tradition of valuing and respecting our team members.

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Rosboro Products - Our customers rely on Rosboro for glulam and timber products that address the needs of residential and commercial building contractors through innovation, trusted manufacturing processes, and stringent quality standards.

Rosboro X-Beam - This is X-Beam: the industry's first full framing-width stock glulam in architectural appearance. Departing from the conventions of business-as-usual, X-Beam is ushering in a new era of efficiency and convenience.

Rosboro BigBeam - Rosboro BigBeam is our highest-strength I-joist-compatible glulam beam. From modern residential to commercial applications, BigBeam has become the high-performance glulam of choice.

Rosboro Custom Glulam - Because Rosboro operates its own sawmills and planers, we are able to offer our industry-leading glulam in custom sizes that give our customers greater flexibility and the convenience of combining custom orders with other building materials.

Rosboro Treated Glulam
- Here's the glulam that can brave the elements. Rosboro Treated Glulam beams and columns are made from southern pine and then treated to resist rot, decay, and insect attack, making this product the ideal choice for above-ground and sever-weather applications. Excellent for decks, porches, and balconies, Rosboro Treated Glulam offers ease of use in the forms of straight beams and columns that match standard framing widths and depths.

Rosboro RMT - Rosboro has created a viable substitute to the grades and lengths of solid-sawn Douglas fir that are increasingly less available. Our manufacturing team has worked with the WCLIB and WPA to create RMT, a size-for-size, grade-for-grade  alternative to Douglas fir timber.

Rosboro Columns - Combining industry-leading glulam technology with our advanced manufacturing practices, Rosboro is able to offer a suite of all-purpose glulam columns that fit the needs of today's builders.

Rosboro Studs - Rosboro's line of stud products are highly regarded for being quality products, easy to use, cost effective, and energy efficient. These are just a few reasons why they continue to be a product of choice among today's builders, who appreciate the fact that Rosboro studs meet their demands for quality building materials.

Rosboro Timbers - Known for our tallies, Rosboro's signature quality timbers symbolize our mission; make our customers' jobs easier at every turn. Consistency and convenience are the keys; our timbers are light to no wane and can be shipped with other Rosboro items like Studs, Plywood, Dimension lumber and Glulam.

Rosboro Plywood - Rosboro plywood is APA EWS certified and meets all local building codes. Engineered under strict guidelines, Rosboro's Construction and Industrial Grade Plywood can be supplied in a variety of lengths and lay up thickness.

Rosboro MDO Plywood - Available in a variety of lengths, lay-ups and thicknesses, Rosboro's family of MDO products are APA/EWS certified and conform to PS1-07. For added convenience, we can bundle your plywood products with other Rosboro building materials, such as studs and Glulam.

Rosboro Technical Data - Rosboro's family of trusted glulam, panel, and lumber products is backed by one of the industry's most comprehensive systems of technical and data support.

Rosboro Technical Library
- Technical information about all of the Rosboro products. Placed into categories that are easily reviewed.

Rosboro Glulam Terms & Species
- This page describes the Terms and Species that are used to describe Glulam beams.

Rosboro Appearances & Textures - This page describes the different Appearance grades and textures that Rosboro offers as options.

Rosboro isDesign Software – Using state-of-the-art technology sophisticated in design, isDesign is easy to use. One of the software's key attributes is that it is customizable for individual building needs.

Rosboro Sustainability
- More than just an ideological stance, Rosboro's commitment to responsibly managed forestlands is a practical business philosophy.

Rosboro Forestlands - Overseeing one of the Pacific Northwest's largest networks of privately owned tree farms, Rosboro diligently abides by the land-management principles of long-term sustainability.

Rosboro Certifications & Memberships - Rosboro is proud to be a voluntary participant of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), an internationally respected independent third party verification program that monitors harvesting and forestry practices as they relate to the protection of water quality, wildlife, and soil productivity.

Rosboro Land Use Permits - Prior to entering Rosboro-owned forestlands for activities like recreation, hunting, and fishing (when available), you must submit a permit application (see Procedure below) to the Rosboro office.
Contact Rosboro
- This page has the contact information for anyone trying to get in touch with Rosboro.

Rosboro Facebook Page - This is a fun page that will link you to the network of Rosboro fans and employees.