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A note about Rosboro Columns

Since compression parallel to grain stresses are distributed uniformly over the cross-section of a typical column member, Rosboro glulam columns are manufactured using a single grade of lumber throughout the depth of the member. Two distinct values are provided for Fb depending on which axis the load is applied to, i.e., parallel to the wide or to the narrow face of the member. If a column is going to be loaded as a combined axial and bending member, it may be preferable to specify a product engineered to serve as a bending member such as Rosboro's BigBeam. Such members use a graded lumber layup throughout the depth of the member and are more efficient for resisting high bending stresses.

Rosboro X-Beam Glulam Columns

Selection and Stability

Rosboro ColumnsCombining industry-leading glulam technology with our advanced manufacturing practices, Rosboro is able to offer a suite of all-purpose glulam columns that fit the needs of today's builders.

X-Beam Architectural Glulam Columns

X-Beam glulam columns are architectural appearance, surfaced four sides and all four edges are eased. These glulam columns remain straight and true and are inventoried in the following sizes: 3-1/2" x 6", 5-1/2" x 5-1/2", 5-1/2" x 6. Other cross sections are available on a custom order basis.

X-Beam Column Appearance

When the beams are exposed and appearance is critical, Rosboro X-Beam Architectural glulam columns are the builders choice. Along with their high-grade appearance, these glulam columns remain straight and true in cross section and maintain reliable fastener-holding capacities.

X-Beam Design Values

Comb. Species
Grade Compression Perpendicular
to Grain Fci

Tension Parallel to Grain
(2 or more Lams)

Compression Parallel to Grain
(2 or 3 Lams) Fc
Parallel to Grain
(4 or more Lams)
MOE 106
650 psi
1450 psi
1850 psi
2300 psi
1.8 psi Apparent
1.9 psi True